Can I Buy Roller Skate Mounting Hardware at the Hardware Store?


Yes of course!

The reason why I like to buy mounting hardware from the hardware store is:

  1. it's cheaper
  2. it's easier: I can get the exact size and not have to cut the screws down

What You Need

  • Make sure your screws are counter-sunk so that they will sit into your mounting holes, else they will sit on top and annoy you forever
  • Get nylon lock nuts, or else the vibration from your skating will cause them to fall out
  • Optional: Lock washers
  • Opional: Small washers

What Size Hardware To Get


For Roll Line plates, use M4 size hardware, which is exactly what the send you when you order Roll Line plates. For everything else, I like to use M5, which, incidentally, is also the same size as skateboard hardware. If you don't feel like going to the hardware store and staring at a massive wall of machine screws just to find which ones are tapered, you can also go to any skateboard shop and buy hardware from them.


Perfect length may vary by boot and plate, but in general the table below is the sizing that typically works for me. I like to get the machine screws as close as short as possible while still being long enough, because then I won't have to cut them down with a bolt breakoff tool or dremel drill with a cutting wheel.

Skate Type Front Screws Back Screws
Vans Build 25mm 30mm
Low-Heeled Boots (most derby brands) 20-25mm 30-35mm
High-Heeled Boots (Moxi & artistic skates) 25mm 55-60mm

That's it. Have fun, be safe, and please tag me on Insta (@rollerskaterevival) if this helped you personalize your skates!