How to Dye Roller Skate Wheels and Toe Stops


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Dying your roller skate wheels and toe stops is super easy. The key is to get the right dye, which is the synthetic RIt dye, not the stuff you dye fabric with. I believe you can also use the fabric dye, but it will take a lot longer and may not last as long or be as brilliant. The whole process takes minimum 20 minutes, max an hour and a half, depending on how long you leave your wheels and stops in the water.

RIT synthetic dye for dying roller skate wheels. Image © Michela Dai Zovi

I have also put a video on YouTube of how to dye roller skate wheels and toe stops, go ahead and check it out if you're a visual learner.

What Do You Need to Dye Roller Skate Wheels and Toe Stops?

  • RIT Synthetic Dye
  • A Bucket or Pan
  • Latex or Rubber Gloves
  • Something to Stir With (large spoon)
  • Hot Water
  • Wheels and/or Toe Stops
  • Masking Tape (optional, only if dying toe stops)
Pouring dye and hot water over roller skate wheels
Pouring dye and hot water over roller skate wheels. Image © Michela Dai Zovi

How Dye Roller Skate Wheels and Toe Stops: Step by Step

  1. Remove the bearings from your wheels if you haven't already
  2. Wash your wheels with dish soap, and water
  3. If you are dying toe stops, tape up the steps with masking tape so they won't get wet and rusty
  4. Heat up some water in a stove or water heater. Allow to cool enough so you won't burn yourself, or risk damaging your wheels
  5. Combine water, dye, and wheels/stops. I chose to put all 3 in a bucket, but you could probably leave in your pot, if you like
  6. Color should start to show in only minutes. Let sit for up to an hou for deep color, or remove after 5-20 minutes for a light color, Watch and check frequently until desired color is achieved
  7. When finished, dump water out, and rinse wheels and/or stops
  8. Enjoy!

That's it! Super easy. The color started to take after only about 5 minutes but I left them in for a full hour anyway. At the point of this writing it has been about one month since I dyed my wheels and stops, and the wheels are still super dark. The stops are still dark on the areas that got dyed, but actually the dye was only superficial, it did not get into the rubber, so the parts that got worn away are not visibly back to the original color, FYI. Once again, checkout out my video if you are a visual person.