Can You Make Roller Skates from Ice Skate Boots?

Can ice skate boots be mounted on roller skate plates?


This one is easy:


You can definitely take ice skate boots and mount them to roller skate plates. In fact, many boots, especially those for artistic skating brands like Risport and Edea, are meant to be used for either. I personally think artistic/ice boots make excellent setups for park skating due to their firmness and support, and that is in fact what I use for my current setup.

Aggressive Roller Skate Setup with Risport boots, Sunlite plates, Penny trucks, Fows Flake sliders, and CiB wheels .
Image © Michela Dai Zovi

Something to keep in mind is that if you pick up ice skates from a flea market, the ice blades may be riveted on and difficult to remove. In that case you may be saving money, but spending so much effort that it ceases to be worth it.

The slim white skates in the header image above are in fact ice skate boots that a local roller skater picked up at a flea market where I live in Berlin, Germany. She asked me if I could mount them to some old plates she had. She also brought over chocolates and wine; how could I say no?

This was a very easy mount, because she had already removed the ice blade. Additionally, because of the previous mounting, the center line was obvious. For the front I used some old mounting hardware she brought over, but the heel was actually too tall for her hardware so I had to add some of my own. I used M5 60mm machine screws, and in fact they were too long and I had to cut them down with a dremel; I wish I'd had something like 55 or even 50mm. Then I used nylon lock washers for all of the screws.

Anyway, they came out pretty beautifully, don't you think?

Have you ever mounted any ice skate boots to roller skate plates? If so, please tag me on Insta (@rollerskaterevival) so I can take a look!