Can You Hydro Dip Roller Skate Wheels?


Yes, you can hydro dip roller skate wheels, provided they are made from very hard polyurethane, like skatepark wheels.

Should you hydro dip roller skate wheels....? That's a different question.

I hydro dipped my CiB park wheels (98a) the other day and to be honest it's not on list of favorite roller skate customizations. Some of them did turn out pretty beautifully, but I just do not expect it to last very long. I mostly just did it because my friend's daughter was curious if it was possible, which made me curious if it was possible, and my wheels were over a year old and had already lost most of their paint anyway, so why not?

Image © Michela Dai Zovi

The process and materials are in fact identical to hydro dipping roller skate trucks and plates, so for a How To, I'm just going to refer you the blog post I already wrote about hydro dipping roller skate plates and trucks. The only difference that you can use a much smaller bucket--I used tupperware that I got from takeout food.

That's it. Have fun, check my how-to video, and please tag me on Insta (@rollerskaterevival) if this helped you personalize your skates!

Image © Michela Dai Zovi